changes mobilo charger 110v-220v

In the Electrocars workshop, we can qualitatively perform the modernization of any electric car charger from the USA with an operating voltage of 110V to the European voltage standard of 230V.

Charging station installation

Solutions for home and business:

  • we will offer the best solution for your house (including multi-apartment) – charging station with AC current from 3,6kW to 22kW;


BMW I3 charging system modernization from USA to EU standards


BMW I3, as well as many other electric car models, exploited in Letland, came to us from the USA. Of course, the electric vehicle charging sockets in US and Europe are different.


Tesla charging system modernization from USA to EU standards

The charging system for TESLA in the American and Canadian markets is single-phase and has a unique socket.


Nissan fast charging


Attention! Not all NISSAN electromobiles have a fast charging function. We offer a service for installing a quick charging slot and activating this function in your Nissan Leaf or e-NV200, which will allow you to:


Ford Focus electric “Stop safely now”

The Ford Focus high-voltage battery electric connector is located near rear left wheel – the manufacturer did not find the best place. As a result, the connection is exposed to everything that flies on it from the wheel – the result is its corrosion, decrease in insulation resistance and the contact resistance deterioration, because of this  the driver gets the message “Stop safely now”.