Charging station Wallbox

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Charging station Wallbox is ideal for office buildings, car fleets, shopping centres and etc.

Power varies from 7.2 kW to 22 kW (3 phase, 32A).

Sinle socket TYPE2.

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Charging station Wallbox

Charging station Wallbox is the most universal device that could be offered. Its module-based construction allows for free configuration of equipment components – extension of the output power from 7.2 kW to 22 kW, application of a GSM / WiFi / Ethernet communication module, a RFID card reader or SMS payments.

Enelion Wallbox has an aluminium casing that meets IP54 standards and is resistant to any weather conditions.

Charging station Wallbox is ideal for office buildings, shopping centers, parking lots and etc.

A charging station casing is made of anodized aluminium and offered in two colors: graphite-black or silver. Equipped with charging socket of Type 2.

Electrocars specialist can install a charging station at your chosen location.

Technical specifications