The US automotive market is one of the largest on the planet. Here, almost every second is closing a car purchase and sale transaction. The used car market in the USA offers unlimited options for every taste and purse.

How to buy a car from the USA?

We offer intermediary services for the car purchase from the USA. Contact us, and we will provide all necessary information and the opportunity to select and purchase a car at several US auctions, arrange its delivery to and from Latvia.

To participate in the auction, a deposit is required, so to begin the process of our interaction, a 10% prepayment of the car agreed price (but not less than 600USD) is required. This pledge confirms your intention to purchase a car. We fix the LOT / stock number of the car you choose and conclude a preliminary contract for the purchase of the vehicle. In the case of non-purchase (loss of the auction), the paid deposit is fully refunded.


  • Payment for the purchased car must be made within two calendar days. In the case of a delay in payment, the auction will take the 50 dollar fine. This amount is added to the bought car price. In case of non-payment within 5 days, the car will be returned to the auction for re-sale, and you lose the whole of the previously paid deposit.
  • Fee for storage of the car. In the event of a delay in payment (the purchased car must be paid within 2 days), for each overdue day, a vehicle storage fee of  20USD is charged.


The car purchased by you within 5-15 days (depending on the place of purchase and the distance to the loading port) will be delivered to the loading site. Immediately before loading the car is photographed in detail, all photos will be provided to you by e-mail. After loading into the container its number and a link for tracking will be given to you.

We will ensure that the cargo will be  delivered to the selected port without any delays or surprises. For this we will provide all necessary documents.

As soon as the container with your car arrives at the selected port of Europe, we will arrange all the documents necessary for passing the customs procedure. If you plan to register a car in Latvia, we will provide the necessary information related to this matter.

Why us?

  • We are working with the largest and most recognized car and motorcycle auctions.
  • We are focusing on your capabilities and needs, and as to the quality of the service –  we try to exceed your expectations.
  • We mediate and support our customers throughout the entire process of car purchasing. We provide professional services and personal consultations:
  1. Vehicle purchasing at auctions.
  2. Transportation.
  3. Export, import and customs clearance.
  4. Delivery to the specified address in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.
  5. Preparation for certification in the EU (lighting, body geometry), certification.
  6. Registration in Latvia and subsequent servicing.

Information by phone +371 29243551